Why Clean Windows?

The obvious reasons for home and business owners are better view, heating efficiency, and overall image of business and/or home.

Beyond the obvious reasons, the most important reason for window washing is to avoid glass degradation.  Glass will, over time, become permeated with a variety of contaminants if regular window washing is not occurring.  These contaminants can cause stains that will greatly detract from your view as well as your property’s overall ‘look of cleanliness’.

If dirty windows aren’t an issue for you than they should be if you are a business owner or a home owner.  For both business and home owners dirty windows can reduce your curb appeal.  For example,  if an exterior of a business is not kept presentable, this could turn away potential customers.  Restaurant owners should especially be concerned with interior windows and window sills because they can give the impression that unsanitary conditions exist at your location.  Homeowners who may be trying to sell their home and neglect the exterior (especially windows) can possibly expect a lower offer than they have listed or an unexpected expense for replacement windows.  As you can see the value of window cleaning can mean the difference in the volume of business you are doing or the offer you are expecting on the sale of your home.   If you have any of these issues, call Marine Clean Windows so your interests can be protected whether your need is for commercial window cleaning or residential window cleaning.

Contaminants That Cause Staining

* Acid Rain * Hard Mineral * Metal * Airborne Pollutants * Salt Spray * Rust * Over Spray * Tap Water

*  In most cases Hard Water (unfiltered water), is the biggest threat to glass when allowed to remain on the glass until dry.  This most often happens when windows are continuously sprayed by water sprinklers set too close to the window or when windows are sprayed with a hose to remove dirt/debris.    

The need for basic glass restoration or replacement of glass can be avoided with regular window washing of exterior glass.  Under normal conditions I recommend that exterior glass be cleaned once every 3 months and the interior at least twice per year for residential homes.

Understanding Glass

  1. Glass is porous.  A cross-section of sheet glass reveals peaks and valleys.
  2. Glass is a liquid that continues to harden over time…And will become more brittle. 

Because glass is porous, it’s easy to understand how its valleys become filled with contaminants.  Again, if these contaminants are left long enough on the surface of your windows, it will create a stain that WILL render standard window washing techniques ineffective.