Our Testimonials

Jack did a fantastic job at our house and helped me pull off a surprise for my wife. He also took some time to go the extra mile with mirrors and some window screens that needed some repair. I’d strongly recommend you get him to your house immediately!!

Tim Lambros - Tucson, AZ

Jack dealt with my unusual windows with care and thoroughness. He came made a special trip out the day before cleaning to access my ‘crazy storm windows’. He figured out how to get to each layer of glass then did an amazing cleaning. I felt he treated my windows as he would have his own!

Judi Backenstow - Tucson, AZ

Margarita Villalobos

I have had a business relationship with Marine Clean Windows for years. Both my customers and I continue to be impressed by the attention to detail and exemplary service received. My customers and I always feel we get way more than what we have paid for with the affordable rates that Marine Clean Windows offers.

Margarita Villalobos - Tucson, AZ

Jack came to our home (punctually) this morning, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the job. Not only do our windows look flawless, but he did a perfect job on the tracks & the windows slide perfectly. Perhaps because we do have annual professional window cleaning, the cost was even somewhat less than his telephonr quote! From now on, he’s OUR MAN!!!!

Dick & Alice Van Egeren - Tucson, AZ

The first time Jack came to my home, he spent several hours getting all parts of the inside and outside windows cleaned. He also cleaned and repaired all the screens. Since then he has been back several times and the impact the clean windows have in both the exterior look and the interior comfort are amazing!
I highly recommend Jack for your window cleaning needs.

Edmundo Zevallos - Oro Valley, AZ

Jack has been cleaning the windows at my office as well as at my home for over two years. He does an excellent job. He cleans the screens, the window tracks and the water spots from my sprinklers. I could never look so clean without him. Thanks Jack

Margie Lannon - Tucson, Az

Jack had done many windows for my clients in the past and has always provided professional service and has conducted himself in the most professional manner one could ask. Every client has spoken very highly of Jack’s work. He has also provided my wife and I with impeccable service on our home. I would highly recommend Jack.

Tom Krieger - Tucson

Jack is the best window cleaner in the state! He does such an awesome job that more than one bird has left an impression on the glass. ☺
If anyone needs a top notch job, call Jack Baker!

Kathy Reagan

As a realtor, it’s always nice to know there’s a company like Jack’s that dependable, when you need them at a moment’s notice.

Kalena Kaili-Thomas‎

Jack did a great job in cleaning all the windows in my house and in repairing all the screens damaged by my neighbors dog. I am going to continue to employ his services!!

Ingrid Miller - Tucson, AZ

As a owner of Merrie Senior Services, LLC working with seniors, I have had the opportunity to refer Jack to a few clients to get their windows cleaned. He does a very thorough and detailed job. Not only the paying attention to a great job of cleaning the windows and the details of cleaning rails, screens: He arranged to clean the blinds for them. Jack is very professional, considerate, honest, and trustworthy. He exhibits genuine kindness, understanding and compassion to all people.

Merrie Schwartz - Marana, AZ

I’ve used Marine Clean Windows for several years. They always get the windows exceptionally clean at a very good price. I highly recommend them.

John Hartman

Jack is the best window cleaner in town and he repairs screens! Do not hesitate to use Marine Clean for all your window cleaning needs.


Jack Baker is the ultimate in window cleaners! He takes his job seriously and his attention to detail is simply amazing. Not only do I contact Jack for window cleaning at my own personal home, but I also happily recommend Jack to my clients and friends. As a Realtor, I suggest to my sellers that they have Jack clean their windows prior to the arrival of my photographer who can then capture views from inside the home through those crystal clean windows. Jack is first rate, a true professional and the only person I recommend for window cleaning.

Ann Gavlick - Tucson, AZ

Jack is the best. He has been cleaning my windows for years and he does a great job every time. He is very detailed and complete. I highly recommend him.

Greg - Tucson, AZ

I am so happy with my “new” windows! Jack made them sparkle like new. I couldn’t recommend him more highly. He arrived on time, was courteous, did a great job and clean up was thorough. He left no detail undone. Very professional.

Elle Arnold - Tucson AZ

Jack and Brian just finished cleaning my windows and I’m so impressed that I have emailed all my contacts to recommend these services. they spent 3.5 hours at my house whereas, other people have spent an hour or only a little more time. No corners were cut. my sills inside and out were done, screens wiped down. I darn near walked into my backdoor thinking it was open it was so clean. I will say I paid more than previous companies, but in my opinion so well worth it.

Kristin Delaplane - Marana